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Design and Research of Automotive Wire Harness and Connector
Auther: Pubdate:2019-05-04
  As an important part of automobile wiring harness connection, the design and research of automobile connector has become an important part of how to improve the performance and intelligence of automobile. The most ideal result of the design of automobile wiring harness is to use the shortest wire and the most suitable wire cross-section to ensure that all automotive electrical and electronic equipment can work properly.
  Therefore, there are strict requirements on the wire material, quality and conductivity for the production of automobile harness. In addition to the material of the wire itself, the working ability of the automobile wiring harness also involves external controllable factors such as the cross section of the wire, so when choosing the automobile wiring harness, not only the wire itself but also the specific operation and practice of the researchers should be considered.
  As for the automobile connector, which plays the role of connection, it is also very demanding. The friction and wear of the contact end of the connector should be able to withstand the test of long-term automobile work, and the materials which are easy to wear or lack of friction should be eliminated as soon as possible. The connector is composed of base and contact end, which is doomed to be more complex than the research of automobile wiring harness.