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What is the Automotive wiring harness?
Auther: Pubdate:2019-05-04
  Vehicle wiring harness is an important component connecting various electrical parts and circuit board equipment of automobile. It plays a role in transmitting signals in the whole circuit board connection system of automobile. It is a carrier for transmitting and controlling circuit signals of automobile itself. It can be said that without automobile wiring harness, there is no circuit connection in the connection system of automobile.
  With the progress of society, people are now demanding more and more on automobiles, and the intellectualization of automobiles is also improved, which puts forward higher requirements for automobile wiring harness. Matched with the automobile harness is the automobile connector. The function of the connector is to realize the fast connection and blocking between harnesses and between harnesses and other electronic devices.
  After so many years of development, the application of automotive electronic technology and wiring harness has been improved, and higher requirements have been put forward for automotive connectors. The automotive connectors should be more flexible and have higher insulation, which can provide better conditions for the transmission of automotive wiring harness, improve the performance of automotive, and increase the reliability and safety of automotive.