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Automobile 4-hole connector sensor extension wire harness

Product Catalog:Automotive wiring harness
Product Name:Automobile 4-hole connector sensor extension wire harness
Product Model:CNCH-C1200

Product Details:

Using these extensions allows you to relocate all sensors, plug and play. Giving you greater flexibility with additional mounting locations  
 The length can be customized according to your requirements
Made with high quality connectors, pins and seals and cross banded, high temperature, polyethylene TXL wire to ensure a long lasting, secure, moisture free connection,High quality fire resistant material,
Wires are assembled with high temperature,  Plug and Play Installation; No cutting or splicing needed
All of our harnesses are built with OEM Quality , And we can customize according to your requirements,
All wiring harnesses are inspected for 100% quality before delivery.