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New 12 Circuit STYLE XL WIRE Braided Shield Universal Wire Harness 10 Fuse 12v

Product Catalog:fuse box wire harness
Product Name:New 12 Circuit fuse box wire harness
Product Model:CNCH-150012

Product Details:

Product Details:

This new 12 circuit fuse box connects your car or truck from the headlights to the taillights. It has 10 fuses and 12 circuits. The wires are very long and can be used in almost all vehicles. Use high quality TXL wire with high temperature resistance, flame retardant, oxygen resistance, wear resistance. All wires are marked every 5 inches for function and purpose. This mark indicates installation. The kits are generic, with detailed instructions and specific pages for gm, ford and Mopar installations. In order to make the installation easier, the wire adopts universal color coding!!
The new12 circuit wiring kits include radios, coils, overhead lights, speakers, cigarette lighters, air-conditioning/heating, standby/cruise, fuel pumps, radios, steering signals, speakers, ACC, wipers, gauges, hazards, fans, electric Windows, electric door locks, brakes, and fuses for headlights.
It also includes horn relays and connectors, steering and hazard signals, dimmer switch connectors, headlight circuit breakers, 2 flashing lights, 1 ac generator plug, 2 ignition switch connectors, and more

Each set of products with operating instructions
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