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Manufacturer Custom Electronic Home Appliance Wire Harness with Low Price

Product Catalog:Equipment Wire Harness
Product Name:wiring harness
Product Model:Factory for custom wiring harnesses

Product Details:

Chuanhong  CNCH  It's a manufacturing plant ,We win the trust of customers with high quality products,We will not compete with poor quality factories for market and customers。We firmly believe that high quality products can beat the market for a long time。

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Whether you need a simple cable assembly solution or a complex multiple wire cable assembly, CNCH can support to offer OEM and ODM service.  CNCH is a reliable supplier, we can show the quality just as per the contract and deliver the quantity. we deliver the material in the quantity we see in the delivery range no matter plus mius 10 on plus minus 5 . and also we control the delivery date and always we ship the material on time slightly ahead of the schedule. and we always perform the contract as we promised. and we have done this for more than 20 years. that's why we are famous in the market.
CNCH can provide complete engineering and design services for all our engineered wire harness and cable assembly products, like Washing Machine Wiring Harness,refrigerator wiring harness,Microwave Wiring Harness,Air conditioner wiring harness, coffee machine wiring harness, vending machine wiring harness, game console wiring harness,automotive wire harness, molded cables, molded waterproofing cable assemblies, custom molded wire assembly, automotive diagnostic connector, vehicle diagnostic cables, OBD connectors, connectors overmolding, connectors, custom cable assembly, electrical wiring harness, data cable, ethernet cable wiring, game machine wire assembly, medical wire assemblies, strain reliefs and grommets, molded plastic products, etc.